September 17, 2014
"Bob had the kind of charisma which never really allowed him privacy. Everyone wanted to be the one to get under his skin, to say the clever thing which would make him laugh, to somehow score a point so later on they could think back to that moment and feel special. Even though I had a proximity to him, and had a coveted position in the growing world of Dylan fans, I felt the same way. He held us all at a distance except for rare moments, which we all sought."

— Joan Baez on Bob Dylan.

In an interview with the Guardian, Joan got asked whether she is still speaking to Bob, to which she smiled and said: “No one is ever in touch with Bob Dylan.”

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September 16, 2014

Parasol Bob.


Parasol Bob.

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September 13, 2014

Ryan Adams


Ryan Adams

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September 13, 2014

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September 12, 2014
Advice for Geraldine on her Miscellaneous Birthday


stay in line. stay in step. people
are afraid of someone who is not
in step with them. it makes them
look foolish t’ themselves for
being in step. it might even
cross their minds that they themselves
are in the wrong step. do not run
nor cross the red line. if you go
too far out in any direction, they
will lose sight of you. they’ll feel
threatened. thinking that they are
not a part of something that they
saw go past them, they’ll feel
something’s going on up there that
they don’t know about. revenge
will set in. they will start thinking
of how t’ get rid of you. act
mannerly towards them. if you don’t,
they will take it personal. as you
come directly in contact face t’ face
do not make it a secret of how
much you need them. if they sense
that you have no need for them,
the first thing they will do is
try t’ make you need them. if
this doesn’t work, they will tell
you of how much they don’t need
you. if you do not show any sadness
at a remark such as this, they
will immediately tell other people
of how much they don’t need you.
your name will begin t’ come up
in circles where people gather
to tell about all the people they
don’t need. you will begin t’ get
famous this way. this, though, will
only get the people who you don’t need
in the first place
all the more madder.
you will become
a whole topic of conversation.
needless t’ say, these people
who don’t need you will start
hating themselves for needing t’ talk
about you. then you yourself will
start hating yourself for causing so
much hate. as you can see, it will
all end in one great gunburst.
never trust a cop in a raincoat.
when asked t’ define yourself exactly,
say you are an exact mathematician.
do not say or do anything that
he who standing in front of you
watching cannot understand, he will
feel you know something he
doesn’t. he will react with blinding
speed and write your name down.
talk on his terms. if his terms
are old-fashioned an’ you’ve
passed that stage all the more easier
t’ get back there. say what he
can understand clearly. say it simple
t’ keep your tongue out of your
cheek. after he hears you, he can
label you good or bad. anyone will
do. t’ some people, there is only
good an’ bad. in any case, it will
make him feel somewhat important.
it is better t’ stay away from
these people. be careful of
enthusiasm…it is all temporary
an’ don’t let it sway you. when asked
if you go t’ church, always answer
yes, never look at your shoes. when
asked you you think of gene autry
singing of hard rains gonna fall say
that nobody can sing it as good as
peter, paul and mary. at the mention
of the president’s name, eat a pint of
yogurt an’ go t’ sleep early…when
asked if you’re a communist, sing
america the beautiful in an
italian accent. beat up nearest
street cleaner. if by any
chance you’re caught naked in a
parked car, quick turn the radio on
full blast an’ pretend
that you’re driving. never leave
the house without a jar of peanut
butter. do not wear
matched socks. when asked to do 100
pushups always smoke a pound
of deodorant beforehand.
when asked if you’re a capitalist, rip
open your shirt, sing buddy can
you spare a dime with your
right foot forward an’ proceed t’
chew up a dollar bill.
do not sign any dotted line. do not
fall in trap of criticizing people
who do nothing else but criticize.
do Not create anything. it will be
misinterpreted. it will not change.
it will follow you the
rest of your life. when asked what you
do for a living say you laugh for
a living. be suspicious of people
who say that if you are not nice
t’ them, they will commit suicide.
when asked if you care about
the world’s problems, look deeply
into the eyes of he that asks
you, he will not ask you again. when
asked if you’ve spent time in jail,
announce proudly that some of your
best friends’ve asked you that.
beware of bathroom walls that’ve not
been written on. when told t’ look at
yourself…never look. when asked
t’ give your real name…never give it.

— bob dylan

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September 12, 2014


Bob Dylan - I Pity the Poor Immigrant

I pity the poor immigrant,
Who tramples through the mud
Who fills his mouth with laughing
And who builds his town with blood.
Who’s visions in the final end
Must shatter like the glass,
I pity the poor immigrant
When his gladness comes to pass.

September 12, 2014

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September 10, 2014

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September 10, 2014


  • Allen Ginsburg / Bob Dylan / Robbie Robertson / Michael McClure.

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September 10, 2014
"I asked him, ‘Why Sara?!’" Maymudes wrote. “‘Why not Joan Baez?’ [Dylan] responded with, ‘Because Sara will be there when I want her to be home, she’ll be there when I want her to be there, she’ll do it when I want to do it. Joan won’t be there when I want her. She won’t do it when I want to do it.’"

6 Things We Learned From the New Bob Dylan Tell-All | Rolling Stone


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September 3, 2014


"EunB was moved to Sungbin Medical Center right after the the accident. However, she was already in cardiac arrest with open skull fracture. They didn’t even try CPR. They declared her DOA.

RiSe received CPR upon arrival at the medical center and also received CPR during the surgery (this is…

August 27, 2014


Ye so bobs touring in North America again and coming to New York and I will start walking now I don’t even care

Wait, what?? Finally! I AM THERE. WHO ELSE IS COMING.

August 25, 2014


Rare color scenes from the Liberation of Paris, August 25, 1944, including an intact Eiffel Tower flying the French Tricolour, General Charles De Gaulle marching down the Champs Elysees, and Allied troops marching in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

Excerpted from: D-Day to Germany, 1944

From the series: Motion Picture Films Relating to the Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) and Commemorative Visits After the War, compiled 1944 - 1969Collection LIEB: Jack Lieb Collection, 1944 - 1969

Taken by newsreel cameraman Jack Lieb, this color home movie was donated by the Lieb family to the National Archives in 1984. You’ll see World War II from a perspective different than the official military film or commercial newsreel. With his personal footage, Lieb takes the viewer through the preparations in England, where he spent time with war correspondents Ernie PyleJack Thompson, and Larry LaSueur, to the liberation of Paris and finally into Germany. Along the way, Lieb captured his experience on 16mm Kodachrome, filming everyday people in France and the occasional celebrity, such as Edward G. Robinson or Ernest Hemingway

Via The Unwritten Record » A Newsreel Cameraman’s View of D-Day

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August 25, 2014


When you’re a folk singer but you say you’re not a folk singer & ppl still label you as one


August 23, 2014

Bob Dylan
9 favorite photos of 35 favorite musicians {27/35}

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